Create and modify PDF files in the most convenient and powerful way you can imagine. Historically, PDF files have been clumsy to work with and create. It turns out that the ultimate platform for a PDF is the mobile device, using iStratus-PDF.

The iStratus-PDF allows you to quickly gather various types of data, such as a document, image, sketch, and notes, then store it all in a new PDF in a location of your choice, encrypted or not. Also, keep in mind that any PDF can be edited using the iStratus-PDF capabilities.

Features at a glance:

Because the iStratus-PDF is indeed, well... a PDF file, it can be shared with anybody and is accessible from anywhere. A PDF file can also be encrypted in iStratus, so that you can control accessibility.

You might be surprised to hear that a ToDo in iStratus is also an iStratus-PDF. Think about the sorts of things you might really want to include in a ToDo. You can imagine a photo or two, perhaps with some notes, is the best description of what you need to do. Take another look at the features above and you can easily see how they are useful for a ToDo.

The iStratus-PDF has been designed with great care over many years by software engineers that are fanatical about the user experience. It hits the sweet spot of offering just the right features and it provides a workflow that is actually enjoyable.